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Sunday, May 20, 2012

We,re All Mad Men

You are probably familiar with the HBO series Mad Men.  On one level, it is about 1960"s advertising executives who work on Madison Avenue in New York.  On another level, its about Mad Men who drink too much and have too much sex.

Part of a Mad Man is paying attention to detail.  Flo on the Progressive commercial wears a fall ,or a half a wig, that starts after her hairband where her head swells up.  Falls were very big in the 1960s and will undoutably come back.

That's the revelation about Flo I noticed in the last week or so.  My sister used to hang out with a girl named Ingred whose mother used to work at HeinemanElectric where my mother used to be a nurse.  She used to wear a fall.  (Ingred it is, not the mother).  The mother, Barbara is now in the cemetary and Ingred is now living in a condo, I believe in Lawrence Township.  My mom is is Morris Hall, a nursing home in Lawrence Township.  Ain't life grand.  One day you dance on the earth and the next day you die.  I still remember lying in my mom's bed brushing her hair telling her I wanted to be a hairdresser when I grew up.  I will always be my mom's hairdresser and she will a;lways be a young lady.  Because getting old gets in the way of life.