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Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Interesting Gun Law

In April, Governor Brewer signed a new law that makes Arizona the third state in the union that allows the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit.  Starting this summer, Arizona will join Alaska and Vermont as the only states in the country where you can carry a concealed weapon without a background check, permit or training.  That's right, just pack heat and go!  You will need nothing else.

Governor Brewer also signed legislation that will allow the purchase of guns made and kept in Arizona without a permit or background check.  That's right fellas, just go to your hardware store and pick out your home-state-piece.  After you pay for it with cash at the counter, you are good to go!.  No pesky showing of ID, no background checks, no paperwork, no nothing.

Almost like the old days in New Jersey, before Governor Hughes signed an executive order in 1963 after the assassination of President Kennedy which restricted the sale of firearms in the state.  Before that time, you could buy a gun here as easily as a pack of gum too.

Pretty soon, we're going to wish we were living in Arizona, because it is expected that over 100 police and firefighters will be laid off here in Trenton if the Governor's proposed budget goes through.  It includes $42 million in aid cuts to the city, and is expected to also result in another property tax increase and massive layoffs of school staff including teachers.

Just what we need after our property taxes went up several hundred dollars per quarter earlier this month.  Another tax increase.  Wow!  And we will also get the opportunity to see how the streets of Trenton turn out with less cops and dumber kids.  Thrilling!

I wonder if the Governor thinks the crime rate will go down too, now that we will be liberated from those pesky union-represented police and firemen.  Maybe he'll authorize the city to hire replacements from the local temp agencies that line South Broad St. and South Clinton Ave.  I can see the ads now.  "Police and Firefighters wanted.  No experience Required.  No English necessary. No green card needed  Criminal records OK.  Pay starting at $7.25 per hour."  Makes me feel safer already.

Kind of wish we were living in Arizona.  At least we would be able to buy guns and defend ourselves when the police and fire personnel disappear from our streets.  Because here in the Garden State, with all the red tape involved to legally purchase a handgun, the state could have just as well outlawed these weapons.  And this when the Bloods and other thugs run around with impunity carrying any kind of firepower they like up to and including Mac10s and AK47s.

So there is some truth to the old NRA slogan:  "If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns."