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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mayor Janice Mironov. You Get to Decide

Janice Mironov is East Windsor's long-time mayor.  Here he is pictured to the left with the 2010 Mrs. East Windsor Spotlight beauty queen.  (The mayor is a real beauty too, isn't she.)
Here is a video of East Windsor Township Mayor Janice Mironov.  A friend of mine has seen her regularly on the community news broadcasts that cut into the Jane Velez Mitchell show when it is shown on Comcast in Trenton. 

Although I can't find anything on the Internet to confirm her suspicions, my friend swears "Janice" is either a man living as a woman or "she" is a transsexual.  I got curious and went online and found this video of her giving a speech.  I can definitely say that if she is really a genetic female, then she is the most mannish female I ever ran into.

Here it is.  You be the judge.
     Here's another one.

Update 6/12/11:  Personally, I believe Janice is a man, or at least s-he was born one.

Somebody pulled down the old video that I was linked to, so I put up two new ones.

I don't live in East Windsor, I live in Trenton, so I don't have any personal experience with the job s-he is doing, but they must like her there, because they have kept her in office for about 20 years.  If s-he keeps getting re-elected s-he must be doing something right.  I believe this all the more so, because unlike San Francisco or New Hope, East Windsor is your typical conservative New Jersey suburb and doesn't have a large gay colony or anything like that.

It appears the people in East Windsor made up their minds about her abilities on an objective basis and did not rush to conclusions from first impressions.  "Don't judge a book by its cover."

I tried to get some information about her life, such as childhood, college attended, year of graduation, etc. but have come up empty.  My guess is s-he doesn't want her past made public.  I Know s-he is an attorney with a private law practice, but that's about all I can find out from the web.

Com'on Janice, come "out" with the obvious.  Let everybody know that you are a 24-7 gurl that has been able to make it on her own in a leadership position in the straight world.  You have an obligation to the rest of the LGBT community to let the public know.


  1. definitely a man!

  2. has to be...i mean...IT WEARS SUITS!!!

  3. transexual/transvestite

  4. I just saw Janice on a Comcast spot and I thought for certain it was a man. hit the re-wind on my DVR to learn the person's name was JANICE so I thought, "how odd that someone named their son, Janice." Then it weighed on me and I googled her name...

    I have no issue with her being transgender or transsexual - was just curious because, at first glance (and listen!), was sure she was a male. I was wrong.

    Clearly 20 years in office, she must be doing something right!

  5. Definitely a man. Surprising no one questions her on it. I googled her to get more information and ended up here.

  6. her gender is none of your business. Could you be more transphobic. Educate yourself!