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Friday, May 6, 2011

I Want to Tell You a Secret

Psst...wanna know a secret. Actually not a real secret, been on at least one business website already, but not in the Trenton Times or Trentonian.  (Ah-Ah I scooped ya!!!) .  Ocean Spray on Park Street in Bordentown will be closing in a year or two.  They are moving to Allentown, PA.

Don't think it's anything we did, the decision was probably already made when the Lt. Governor met with them.  It owuld have been nice if they stayed.  I have an attachment both to manufacturing and Bordentown. My Mom grew up in Bordentown.  I had a relative who was mayor of Bordentown in the 19th century.  My mom and dad and their parents all worked in factories.

By the way, Chris Christie changed our job descriptions late last year. It seems that our last governor, Corzine thought it would be a good idea to dismiss the economics unit from Commerce. Now Commerce is the Business Commission, under the Lt. Governor.  Maybe we shouldn't really be helping business, al least that's what 19th century socialists thought when they were advocating for a Labor Department, but I am all=in when it comes to my job.  I conributed my bit to keeping Ocean Spray here and feel bad/

It seems nowadays we are allabout business and recruiting them to get them to move here or stay here.  Hey companies are the people who pay the taxes and I have no problem with that.  Just takes a lot of getting used to.

More about this latter when I write latter on this weekend about our wonderful Turnpike and the economics conferfence in New Brunswick. 

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