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Friday, July 3, 2015

Who Reads This Thing Anyway?

To answer the question in the headline, some things are expected while other things are surprising.

I get about 15 to 20 hits on most posts, and most of those hits are within the first week or so.  It looks like I got a small group of followers who actually read this thing.  That's not all that surprising, I wasn't expecting to have much of an audience.

However, certain articles, primarily the stuff written in 2010 and 2011 have attracted hundreds or even thousands of hits over the years.  By far the most popular is "Christie Contributors Outted" which is a list of Chris Christie's contributors for the first governor campaign as posted on the state's website.  It no doubt has found new life since he is now running for president.  Not all the popular stuff has to do with politics.  The article on Rosa Luxemburg  probably was researched by every 6th grader in Germany writing a term paper on one of their country's leading historical figures.  Also popular are writings about Packards, my water filtration system, the dirty house with the roaches and Mayor Janice Miranov.

I would like to digress a little here.  I put the posts up about Ms. Miranov not because she is a lousy mayor (25 years in office, the voters must like her) or any particular dislike for transgender people or her decision to become a woman.  Its more because she is a public figure that represents herself as a genetic woman when that is obviously not so.  Mot many gals I know have a baritone voice or have an Adam's apple.  And besides a man in a dress trying to present himself in a serious light just comes off funny.  The audience from China to America thinks so too.  One favorite was the video of Ms. Miranow with the police in formation standing at attention.  One wonders how the police chief was able to keep a straight face.

Of course most of the traffic that doesn't come here directly comes from Google.  I would like to express my gratitude to Trenton Katt for linking to my site because she was also an important source of traffic.

The most common country where visitors come from is the United States, of course.  Do you knw what #2 is?  Why it is Ukraine.  Why, I really can't say.  Perhaps it has something to do with this unlikely site that links to mine.  It is, a porn site written in the Cyrillic alphabet.  I don't know what the connection is between this site and Ukrainians or Russians seeking out dirty movies, but perhaps they find some value in the stuff that is posted here.  I also get steady visitors from Russia, France, Germany and the UK.  Can't figure it out, where are those Canadians and Aussies?

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