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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who Are We, How Are We Doing?

All you folks in the states are familiar with the slogan, "There's an ap for that."  Well Blogspot is a Google product, and the good folks at Google produce a report which tells me how many readers I have, what country they are from and what posts they are reading.  I'd thought I share that information with you.

First, I am really a regular state worker from Trenton.  I am just a little bureaucrat with some college that wants to share his experiences with you.  I am not a corporation or a bot or anything like that, just some guy with a wife and no kids that is stuck living in the armpit of the universe.

What do people read?  I have a hard time figuring out what people want to read when I write it.  It is basically hit and miss.  But after it gets up there, some things are definately hits and other things misses.  The all time hit is Christie's contributors outed, which is simply something I copied from the dark recesses of the state's website and brought out into the open where people can find it.  Other popular things are the articles about Janice Miranov, the roach infested kitchen as well as posts about my experiences with cars and a post about how state workers have the right to make their voice heard through their union.

Where does our readership come from.  Of course, most people come from the good old USA, after all this blog concerns American politics.  Suprisingly, we get readers fron several other places including Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Luxenbourg and Canada.  A few people look at us fron China, India, Hong Kong and Indenosia.  Africa, the Middle East and South America are noticably missing from my readershsip.  I guess my humor appeals to the Slavic wit which explains my popularity in Russia and the Balkins.  I hope I get a few more people fromSoutth America on board in the future.  Watch for blogs about Juan Peron and the like.

We now get about 50 hits a day on a regular basis.  That may not seem like much, but that is a lot more than most social networking sites get.  Thank you for reading my stuff.  Recommend me to your friends.

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