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Friday, December 24, 2010

You Can Buy Anything on the Internet

PuppyBeef  is a website that promises to ship dog meat fresh to your door.  Apparently some Chinese and Koreans consider dog meat to be a delicacy.  If dog meat is not your thing, perhaps the company's sister site KittyBeef is more to your liking.

Tired of eating the same old beef, pork, chicken and lamb?  Then here's a place to find something different.  Check out  It is an English language website for a dog meat supplier that promises to ship dog meat fresh to your door.  The site offers a full range of cuts of dog meat complete with pictures of the cuts.  They also have a list of recipees in case you need some new ideas on how to prepare your dog chops.

Is it illegal to sell dog and cat meat in America?  Is this company located in China or something?  No way.  Their website boasts three locations right here in the USA, to insure that your meat is delivered fresh regardless of where you live.

So impress your friends with dog lo mein or Peking cat cheesesteak sandwiches.  I bet you, meals like these probably would even satisfy Jeffrey Dahmer.

Bon appitit!

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