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Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's an Endorsement for a Service Nobody Wants

Here's a surefire way to have a good time.  Go out and get some knee surgery.  Like I said, knee surgery is something nobody wants.  However, some times you need it.  And in that case, you want to get the best knee surgeon you can find.

When I was out walking my pit bull Chief back in October, we ran into another person who was walking his dog.  Chief decided he wanted to go over and check out the other dog.  Since Chief weighs about 110 pounds and pulls like a locomotive, he can be hard to control.  Since his decision was sudden and because I wasn't prepared, I was knocked off my feet when he lunged for the other dog.  Down I went square on my left knee cap.  I landed on a stone and punched a nice hole in my knee.

Of course it hurt.  After all, I had a nasty cut, so I didn't bother to get it checked out right away.  A couple weeks later it was still hurting so I called my orthopaedic surgeon at Princeton Orthopaedic Associates.  It took a couple more weeks to get an appointment and I didn't get to see the doctor until December 6.  When I saw Dr. Moskwa, he told me I probably had a torn meniscus but he couldn't say for certain until I got an MRI.  I had the MRI after waiting a few days for the insurance company precertification and then had to wait another week to see the doctor.  The girls at the appointment desk wouldn't make the follow-up appointment until after I actually got the MRI because they needed to know the insurance company would approve it.

I saw the doctor and he said my knee cartridge was indeed torn and he recommended surgery.  He was able to get me scheduled for the procedure on January 4.   By the time I was ready to go to the surgery, my knee was already feeling better.  My, isn't our health system wonderful.

The one part that went right was the surgery itself.  Dr. Moskwa told me that he found my injuries were much worse than he suspected and that I definitely needed the operation.  Amazingly, I was able to walk without crutches the same day I had the operation.

Today I started physical therapy.  I am walking fine, although it still hurts.  I have no infection or anything like that, and only have two small holes in my knee.

If you need a knee operation, go see Dr. Moskwa.  It may take a while to have him actually do the work, but the wait will be worth it.  He does excellent work.

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