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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tomorow I Get Waterboarded

Tomorrow my pulminologist wants me to get a bronchioscopy because he thinks I might have bronchitis.  Basically a bronchioscopy, or a bronc as it is known in the profession is a medical test where the doctor inserts an endoscope (camera and tools) down your throat and into your lungs.

I had one done a few years ago.  They partially knock you out with some Michael Jackson juice up the arm through an IV.  They place a rag over your face to cover your eyes and jam a tube down your throat.  You gag like hell, but I really didn't remember too much when it was over.

This time the doctor says it will be rougher because he will be doing something called a "lung lavage", where they shoot water down your lungs with the camera down there too and they watch what is going on.  He says he needs me more awake this time because he needs me to "perform some maneuvers", whatever this means.

Sounds like something the did back in the Inquisition.  Perhaps I could hook my doctor up with Torquemada.  I'll let everybody know how it went, but it sure doesn't sound too good.

The knee surgery is healing up fine and therapy is progressing nicely.  I figure I'd get this lung thing done now while I'm still out of work.

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