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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Here's Something We Can All Agree On

Coal rolling is the latest fad to hit rural America.  It involves taking a diesel pickup truck and modifying it by putting exhaust stacks in the bed and rigging it with controls that allow it to burn extra fuel on command.  The result is a cloud of black smoke,perfect for gassing environmentalist fairies that drive Priuses, Mini Coopers and the like.  Sounds like real fun!
One of the things we miss out by living in an urban state like New Jersey is learning to appreciate the latest trends of the trailer park set.  If we lived in the rural  South, we would certainly be familiar with the latest fad to be adopted by pickup trucking gearheads.  And that's coal rolling, which is a guranteed way of terrorizing city slickers.

It seems that the New Jersey legislature got wind of this trend and decided to protect the motoring public from pollution-loving yahoos.  They passes a new law which makes it illegal to modify a vehicle for coal rolling.  It also makes it illegal to coal roll.  Since it already is illegal to drive a smoking car, I not sure what this part of the  law will accomplish beyond what present laws do.  But is nice to know that people won't be able to rig their trucks to spew clouds of black smoke and have them pass inspection in this state.

Governor Christie signed this law so for once he did something I can totally support. 

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