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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tell Him What You Think. Here's Governor Christie's Home Address

If you live here, I'm sure you have strong feelings about the governor's proposed budget and the school aid cuts he wants to enact.  The governor didn't have to cut school aid but he chose not to.  He'd rather play homeowners off against teachers and cops.  He wants to see your property taxes go up so that you will blame the unions.  Well, he had another choice, but would rather make you pay more taxes instead.

The other choice was a no-brainer.  Extend the existing higher income tax rates on households making over $400,000 a year.  The governor plans to let this extra tax tier enacted by Governor Corzine expire.  Why?  He said that he was elected to cut taxes not raise them and that he would veto any budget sent to him which includes the present tax rates on people making over $400,000. 

He probably feels he was elected to lower taxes on the rich by raising them on you.  He doesn't have the guts to actually raise taxes, he would rather play Pontius Pialate and pass the honors on to your municipal officials instead.

Senate President Steven Sweeney says the Democrats in the legislature won't approve a budget that includes the tax increase and the governor says he will veto any budget including the increase.  Looks like a state shutdown come July 1.  I may's well get ready to spend July and August on unemployment along with the rest of the state worker population.  Don't worry though.  Exectutive Order 1 says that the casinos will remain open in the event of a state shutdown,, so the state can safely stay shut for a long time without harming Atlantic City.  Sounds like he had this planned since he took office in January.  He wants to cause a political train wreck so he can blame everything on the Democrats and unions.

Well, the extra tax on families making over $400,000 currently yeilds $1 billion a year, enough to make up for all his proposed school aid cuts and more. 

So be sure to write the governor to let him know how much you like your property taxes going up and having police services and school classes, sports and programs cut.  Tell him what a wonderful idea it is for him to take out his frustrations on working people like homeowners and people who just happen to work for state, county or local government.  Let him know what you think of his plan to shield the wealthy and casino owners from the "Shared Sacrifice" by going after us instead.

I live in Trenton where we are already facing a $59 cent per $100 property tax increase because Mayor Palmer screwed up and thought he didn't need votor approval to sell the water works.  It seems he already spent the proceeds, I don't know on what, the papers haven't said, but the money is gone.  The $590 per year extra each year on property tax is only to cover this $13 million hole.  It doesn't include the $42 million in payments in lieu of taxes the governor plans to withold from the city next year.  Sounds like my tax bill is going from $3,000 a year to at least $5,000.

You know I'm writing the governor.  If you are living in the suburbs your town won't be wacked as hard, but I hope you'll write.

In any event, you didn't come here to read my rant.  Here is what you came for:  It is the address the governor listed on his campaign contribution forms when he ran for office and is still believed to be good, although I haven't verified it.

Governor Christie's Home Address

Hon. Christopher J. Christie
46 Corey Lane
Mendham, NJ 07945

Remember, nothing will get the governor's attention like a piece of snail mail sent to his own home. 

Remember if you don't want to write the governor at home you can always contact him at his office in Trenton.  Here is that address:

Governor Christie's Office Address

Hon. Christopher J. Christie, Governor
Governor's Office
PO Box 0001
Trenton, NJ  08625-0001

As when writing him at home, make sure you use snail mail.  It gets more attention and requires more work for them to handle it.  They will notice it more.