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Thursday, April 22, 2010

There Are No Taxpayers in New Jersey, Only Stakeholders

What do you mean no taxpapers in New Jersey?  If you live here, you at least pay sales tax.  Most of us pay income tax and property tax, either directly or through our rent or mortgage.  S we all pay taxses, don't we?

Yeah, of course!  But a true taxpaper pays taxes and gets nothing back in return.  While it may seem like it at times, we all get something back for our money and many of us get back a lot more than what we put in.

How can that be you may wonder.  Got kids?  If you swend them to public school, they get educated and you don't get a tuition bill.  The school is covered by your taxes.   How much is that worth?, Well, just go out and find out what private schools charge and you will soon see what a bargain a public school education really is.  Now suppose you got three or four kids in school.  It still does not cost anything extra to send them to public school, but unless you are a millionaire, it would probably cost a lot more than what you pay out each year in taxes, just to cover the tuition at a private school.

Now suppose your kid is in high school and wants to play football.  Now if he has the ability all he has to do is try out and it is done, he gets on the team.  There are no extra fees.  I bet you it would probably cost something extra to have your kid play a sport if they are enrolled in a private school, especially a minor sport like field hockey that doesn't generate any publicity or revenue for the school. 

Little Leauge, the local soccer leauge or Pop Warner work the same way.  If your kid is little all kids get to play for free.  Older kids have to try out and make the team, but still don't have to pay.  Well, who pays for the fields, the lights, field maintenance, etc.  Well it is you and I, the taxpayers.

Now, you say you don't have kids.  You are a senior citizen.  Well your senior center is funded by the taxpayers and so is your PAAD or Senior Gold prescription plan.  They are paid for by you and I the taxpayer.

And seniors and people with kids get extra tax breaks that other people don't get.  If you got kids, you get extra dependency allowances and perhaps a per-child tax credit.  That makes that taxpaper funded public school education an even better bargain.

No kids and not old.  Well, you pay more and don't get as much back, but you still get a little for your money.  Like free snow removal from city streets and highways.  Also, you get the free use of the streets and highways themselves.  In addition, you get police protection so you don't have tyo worry as much about getting shot at or having your house robbed.

Sounds like taxes are a good deal to me.

I would rather live in a place where kids can get a free education and where the roads, garbage collection and police protection are free than live in some third world country without these things.