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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Stupid War

Let's see, "A Stupid War."  Sounds like an oxymoron.  Ever hear of a smart war?
Well, let's say that our intervention in Libya is stupider than most wars.  Here's why.

President Obama seems to be more concerned about how he looks to the American public and how he looks to the members of the European Union than he is about the interests of America, the lives of American troops or the lives of the Libyan people.

Like a typical post-Vietnam Democrat, Obama has no stomach for doing anything without the involvement and approval of the United Nations.  The problem with going in with the UN is that it means fighting a war by committee.  The members of the UN have different interests, some are opposed to our involvement, some are lukewarm, while others support it.

For instance, Russia gave its approval when the UN Security Council voted on the resolution authorizing the action, then complained once the US began providing air support for the rebels.  What did Obama do after the Russians complained?  He stopped the air support.  With air support, the rebels were able to advance 200 miles westward.  Once we stopped attacking concentrations of Libyan troops and equipment, two days ago, the rebels lost nearly all the ground they gained.  This on-again, off again air support is something like a method of torture where the victim is held underwater until he passes out, then taken out until revived, then dunked again.

Either we should provide the air cover, or not get involved at all.  If we stayed out from the beginning, Qaddafi would have regained control and crushed the revolt.  The fighting would be over, and buildings would not be getting blown up and people would not be getting killed en masse.  If we went in and made a concerted effort to support the uprising, Qaddafi would likely quickly lose, and peace would be restored.  Either way, the conflict would end.

All the lukewarm "war by UN" that we now have will accomplish is to prolong the conflict.  It comes with the price tag of billions of dollars of American tax dollars, and the possibility of death of American pilots.  Also, one of our planes may be shot down and the wreckage recovered by the enemy - like what happened in the Kosovo conflict.  The Serbs recovered the wreckage and allowed the Chinese to examine it.  They gained enough knowledge of American aircraft technology to build their own stealth bomber.  Great!  Let's give the enemy more chances to steal American weapons technology so they can kick our asses on the battlefield in the next war.

Another risk of a less than 100% commitment to the conflict now that we are involved is that Qaddafi will still crush the rebellion and remain in power.  What then?  Does anybody think he would then make nice with the United States and forgive us for bombing his country and trying to overthrow him?  Of course not.  He will be as ornery as ever and most likely will strike back at us by refusing to sell the west oil and by committing acts of terrorism against the countries that opposed him.

So let's forget what the rest of the world thinks.  Get rid of the UN charade, go in and do the job ourselves and go into Trippoi and make sure Kadaffi dies.

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