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Monday, March 21, 2011

These Businesses Don't Want Business From Union Workers

I'm looking at today's Trentonian/  The headline says "Chri$tie V. Union on the front page and on page 3 it says UnionS' Lifeline.  The article goes on to cheer Christie's decision to refuse to negotiate with the union about health benefits, while at the same time saying that NJ's governor is not like Wisconsin Goivernor Scott Walker because he perfers to negotiate with the union rather than effectively decertifying it.

Sounds like double talk to me.  What part of "Negotiate, Don't Legislate" don't you understand Fat Boy?  I heard your budget address.  You clearly came out in support for Governor Walker's plan to destroy public employee unions.  The Trentonian went further than Christie has so far in this article and suggests that Christie should outlaw the "Agency Shop" and prevent the unions from using the state payroll system to automatically collect dues from members and nonmembers.  At first blush, the paper is talking about eliminating collections from nonmembers, who benefit from the union because they receive the benefits of the union contract.  They get union scale wages and can greive contract violations, just like full union members.  They benefit from the contract and should be paying.

The Trentonian of course would also like to see payroll contributions from members stopped too.  What this is really about is muzzling the union.  In this day and age it takes money to get your views out, and that means buying advertising time on TV and radio stations and paying lobbyists to talk to the politicians.  And why not, nobody is suggesting that the Chamber of Commerce or the State Business and Industry Association be barred from using lobbyists and the media to advance their positions.  Fair is fair.

And what's this about businesses that don't want our business.  Why else would someboby advertise their business in a reactionary anti-union publication like the Trentonian except to make a public statement that they support the paper's political position and would like to see Trenton's unionized workers take a pay cut.  So why should we spend money at any business that advertises there.

So who are the businesses that had the nerve to advertise in an anti-union publication in a union town.  These are the people who advertised in the Trentonian today.  No doubt they think you should not get a raise and should pay a lot more for health insurance and pension.

Clearly the owners of these businessesdon't like us and think they don't need our money.  Let's oblige them.  Boycott these businesses until they stop advertising in the Trentonian.  (There will be further updates of companies that chose to advertise in this rag when it runs anti-union tirades in the future). STAY AWAY FROM THESE ADVERTISERS, THEY DON'T NEED OR WANT UNION BUSINESS.

(Let 'em switch to the Trenton Times, they are less hostile to us.)

Trent Jewelers
16 Edingburg Rd.

The Little Shop
1111 State Hwy 33
Hamilton, NJ

Mr Wilson
(car dealer)


Canal Laundry
111 West Bridge St.
Morrisville, PA

Ray's Sub Shop
1540 Pennington Rd
Rt 31
Ewing, NJ

Town & Country Diner
Rt. 130 &206

Liberty Jewelery Buyers
2115 Hamilton Ave.

Italian People's Bakery
61-63 Butler St
Trenton, NJ

Dance It Up
1062 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd
Hamilton, NJ

Peter E. Zimnis, Esz.
1245 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd
Hamilton, NJ

Eagle Petroleum

"I Buy Houses"

$1.99 Cleaners
2699 South Broad St.

Divorce 101
1027 S. Broad St.

The Trentonian
600 Perry St
Trenton, NJ

Advanced Urgent Care
111 Lawrenceville Rd.
Lawrenceville, NJ

Scott Oil

Kathleen Scott Chasar, Esq.
2500 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ

Paul Robinson Charter School
643 Indiana Ave.
Trenton, NJ

"Military Family Nights"


The Haldeman Auto Group
607 Highway 33
Hamilton Square, NJ

MercerRegionalChamber of Commerce
1A Quakerbridge Plaza Dr, Suite 2
Mercerville, NJ

Amichi Milano
600 Chestnut Ave.
Trenton, NJ


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  1. Nicely done. Your post basically points out why the rest of Trenton, let alone the state, does not like to deal with Unions these days! The sense of entitlement both angers me and makes me laugh. Who told you that you could live for the rest of your life off of the hard working taxpayer (like how I used that? Got that one from the union banter!) As far as not getting a raise or paying more for health insurance? Cry me a river and join the rest of the world. We have been going through this for the last two years and I, myself have been dealing with it for far longer! When you rape a city or a state, you have no right to complain that the victim was unwilling!!!