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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unwanted Vistors

I logged onto my Blogspot account today to see who has been visiting my blog and what people are reading.  I noticed that one of the referring sites that was recorded today was something called

I can only imagine what this is about.  NJSP.ORG is the official New Jersey State Police website and someone logged on from this site to read my blog.  I wonder if this has something to do with the posting "Christie Check Yourself".  I hope not, but I believe it is probable that someone gave the State Police a tip that I was calling for the killing of the governor and they wanted to check it out.

First, the posting did not say this, but rather stated that there is a possibility that a sniper attack is possible, given the number of laid off police officers out there.  I gave out the governor's home address, but that is easilly obtainable from public sources online and would be accessible by anyone seriously planning an attack.  I even said that the assassin would most likely be arrested and put on trial.  Although I indicated that acquital through jury nullification might happen, allowing the shooter to get away scott free, you must admit that anybody who would think this would be anything other than a long-shot possibility would be mistaken.  After all acquital would require 12 not guilty votes.  Anything less than that would lead to a mistrial and the case would be put back on the docket for another trial.

The second comment I want to make has more to do with the ineptness of the State Police.  Checking me out by logging on through is akin to conducting surveillence in a plain white Crown Victoria with hubcaps rather than wheel covers.  It is espionoge conducted with a neon sign.  You have to be blind not to notice it.

I just have to wonder, are all undercover cops this obvious, or only just the State Police.

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